ePayment Provider that obtained Regulatory Exemption from MAS PSA for Digital Payment Tokens
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Challenges in Crypto

Problems providing crypto to fiat and fiat to crypto facilities due to inability to open bank accounts by cryptocurrency trading platforms.

Increased oversight and monitoring by regulators and banks on financial transactions involving cryptocurrency.

Unclear methods for cross-border transactions involving for both crypto and fiat.

Our Solution

Fiat to crypto Use fiat currency to purchase crypto, Withdraw out from crypto account to fiat into deposit into user bank account.

Cross-border crypto settlement into deposit into a fiat bank account.

Our Story

LegatusPay was conceived to provide an immediate solution to the current needs of companies that are dealing in digital and crypto assets.

Legatus will provide a crypto to fiat and fiat to crypto settlement platform with propriety digital wallet. The digital wallet integrates to both virtual assets trading and issuing companies and local Singapore banks. LG will be a MAS regulated business. With Legatus, crypto exchanges can offer cross border payment so that they can grow their company globally.

We have 5 Crypto exchanges who has signed an LOI for our services.

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  • Robust Compliance Framework

  • Experience Core Team

  • Strong Tech Capabilities

  • Robust Compliance Framework

  • Strong Strategic Presence in key economies in Asia Pacific

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